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Did you know that the average american family eats out 3 times a week spending between $225-$400 each week on restaurant food.  That is a huge chunk of money out of the monthly grocery budget. Why do we spend so much money on eating out?  Going out to eat is just easy, not to mention quick and convenient.

We don’t need to eliminate going out to eat, just scale it back some and use it as a once in a while  “Treat”.

Break Away Tips

Create a Menu for the week.  It is a good idea to schedule a day and time for writing out your menu.  Not only does menu planning has the benefit of saving you extra time, but it can save you more money as well. Planning your meals each week based on your grocery stores sales flyer will help cut down on cost.

Menu planning doesn’t have to take hours.  In fact there are some really great app that can help along the way. You can view that article here.   If you are a pen to paper kind of person (like I am), you can print up our Weekly-Meal-Planner printable.

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Prep Healthy Lunches.  Prep all your lunches the night before.  If you know that you aren’t going to have the time to do it the night before, set time a few days in advance. There is no wrong way to prepping.

Declutter where your family dines. Don’t let your dinning room table become the catch-all area for bill, books or other items. Make it a cozy place for dinning, make a centerpiece and decorate with fun or colorful place-mats.  Eating as a family is a huge plus.  For us it is the hub of conversation and catching up on our day.

Tips for Eating Out

Eat at restaurants that take coupons. Entertainment books feature two-for-one dining specials at many sit-down restaurants. Similar coupons can be found in the telephone’s yellow pages and newspapers’ entertainment section. Each week (on Thursday) I post restaurant coupons for that weekend. You may want to plan your dinning based on the array of available coupons. Believe me , there are lots of choices based on coupons.

Eat at restaurants that offer frequent diner discounts. We like to choose placed where kids can eat free.

Eat at less costly restaurants. Save the fine dining restaurants for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. Head to the family restaurants that often feature children’s menus or mid-price meals.

Eating out can be enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about the expense. We all need a break at times from the kitchen.


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